GeneralAn Average Over in the 2024 PSL

An Average Over in the 2024 PSL

6.1: Bowler to Batter: DROPPED! Holes in palm, the fielder at mid-on drops an absolute sitter. Is that the match? Waqar Younis in the commentary box says that catches are a crucial part of a cricket match, and that they should not be dropped. Scintillating insight.

6.2: Bowler to Batter: 1 run. Standard length delivery, whipped towards the man at cover for a quick single.

[Camera pans to the wife of the Batter, who is sitting in the crowd. Camera persists on the wife of the Batter. The camera does not want to leave her. On the big screen, there is a slideshow of their wedding pictures]

6.3. Bowler to Batter: DROPPED! What is happening?! Nasty collision in the deep, and both fielders fall to the ground. It is unclear, however, why this happened since neither of them were the ones who dropped the catch. It was Khushdil Shah who materialized on the side to drop an absolute dolly. His team isn’t even playing.

[Camera pans to a Tapal Tea moment. Always lovely to watch people enjoy a pleasant evening – oh wait, what’s this? There has been a bit of a mix-up – it was apparently time for an Inverex Flip The Washing Machine On The Solar Panel challenge, and Tapal wrongfully stole screen time. Beautiful league]

6.4: Bowler to Batter: SIX. Cracked with insolence over the legside. A spectator takes an excellent catch in the crowd but is shortly told that the Pepsi Catch a Crore challenge does not still exist – perhaps because no one catches anything anymore. Now, he has to actually drink Pepsi to market it. He angrily tosses the ball back.

6.5: Bowler to Batter – out! Bowled ‘em through the gate – vicious delivery and the stumps are alit; what a huge breakthrough. Oh no, the umpires are having a chat – he has overstepped! It’s a no-ball! What have you done?!

[Camera pans to Muhammad Nawaz in the dugout]

Right, it’s time for the free hit.

6.5: Bowler to Batter – wide! He’ll have to re-bowl that! The free hit persists.

6.5: Bowler to Batter – skied! High up in the air – who wants it? Won’t matter of course, since it’s a free hit, but someone has taken an excellent catch in the deep. Surprisingly good catch. We don’t think that’s a player from either of the teams – not sure what is happening. Shan Masood looks terribly upset in the dugout, arms flailing in rage and all that. He has not been informed it was a free hit and does not think this was a fair catch. His team isn’t even playing.

Turns out the spectator doing the Osaka Power Run somehow ran onto the field and took that blinder of a catch. PSL is in talks of appointing him as fielding coach in order to prepare him for his future career as chief selector of the national team. Because of this hold-up in play, we will now be going for a mid-over Tapal Tea Strategic Timeout.

Meanwhile, fans are welcome to answer this simple question to have a crack at winning a sea-facing penthouse in Qalandars City:

Which one of these is a real PSL mascot?

  1. The Islamabad United Burger
  2. Multan Sultans’ Saeen
  3. Sam Billings’ iPhone

Alright, thanks for waiting, everyone. Time for the final ball of the over.

6.6: Batter to bowler, no run, huge appeal for lbw! Given! Jubilation for the fielding side, who, after an over from hell, finally have some respite. Batter reviews immediately. UltraEdge shows no bat, and ball-tracking shows three reds. Banging his bat against the ground in frustration, the batter walks off and immediately complains to Shadab Khan in the dugout, who soon looks furious. Not sure why, since it isn’t even his team that’s playing.

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