PSL 2019

PCB Chairman benefitting from extravagant allowances

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) benefits from extravagant allowances that come along with the position.

The position of chairman of the PCB is a much sought after position in Pakistan. Many notable personalities vie for this position. The post is honorary but comes packed with extravagant allowances.

Member of the National Assembly Syed Imran Ahmed Shah recently asked various questions from the PCB. He received answers through the Minister of Inter-Provincial Coordination of Pakistan Fahmida Mirza. The details of the allowances received by board officials are already in public knowledge, now the chairman of the PCB has come under the spotlight for his allowances.

Among its chief benefits, it includes a fully furnished residence, three domestic maids, landline, cellular phone, internet, cable television, driver along with complete car maintenance are covered by the board.

The Chairman and his wife are completely covered medically while they can travel in first-class and live at five-star hotels. An international visit is accompanied by a daily allowance of $300 while a tour to Britain comes with a daily allowance of $400. A domestic visit entails a daily allowance of Rs.10,000.

The chairman of the PCB receives a fully furnished residence of Rs.100,000 as allowance for a residence. According to the PCB website, the chairman Ehsan Mani has spent Rs,40,24,260 from July 2019 to June 2020 on his residence. This translates to a sum of Rs.3,35,000 on monthly residential expenses. No other ‘honourary’ chairman has spent as much on residence, while residing in Lahore, in the past seven to eight years.

A chairman can receive Rs.100,000 as residential allowance if he wants to live in his preferred house. A further Rs.2,000,000 can be received for furniture, this would however be a property of the board and can only be attained once during a respective three-year tenure. Mani has obtained Rs.14,58,374 through this mechanism. This policy was introduced during current chairman’s tenure.