PSL 2019

‘Nobody would bat an eye if Akram, Akhtar ask Babar to improve his English’

Babar Azam’s English speaking skills have been the talk of the town, ever since former Pakistan pacer Tanvir Ahmed asked him to make some improvement in this regard.  

It must be noted that Ahmed, in a YouTube video, said that Azam needs to improve his personality and command over the English language as he will be required to communicate often with the media as the captain of the Pakistan team.

When questioned about his English, Azam has said that his primary role in the side is batting but he is also keen on improving his English.

“I play cricket. I am not a gora, who is bound to know English completely. Yes, I am learning the language simultaneously but it is an ongoing process and one needs time to get better at it,” said Azam, while responding to a question on Ahmed’s statement, during a teleconference.

Responding to criticism on his statement, Ahmed has said that nobody would have bat an eye if legendary Pakistan cricketers, like Shoaib Akhtar or Wasim Akram, would have offered Azam similar advice.

“If Wasim Akram or Shoaib Akhtar had asked Babar Azam to improve his English, nobody would have criticised them. Nobody has the guts to do that,” said Ahmed on his official YouTube channel.

He added that people only criticise him because they are jealous and have achieved nothing worthwhile in their life.

“People keep on saying that I have only played five or ten Test matches which is why I know nothing about cricket,” he said. “You are just jealous that I played for Pakistan and you could not.”