Hamaray Heroes 2023 Review (Part 1)

A look at the heroes that have featured in the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League.

The world’s second-biggest league HBL PSL returned to action in mid-February. The eighth season of the league is being hosted by four cities – Karachi, Multan, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. In 2020, when the league completely returned to Pakistan, these four cities hosted matches. It was that year when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) started the initiative that goes by the name Hamaray Heroes to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of Pakistan’s unsung heroes. Since then, this campaign has been honoring thirty-four heroes from all walks of life each season. Moreover, a documentary highlighting the achievements and journey of the hero is published on the PSL YouTube channel.

The objective of this campaign is to bring Pakistan’s talent into the limelight and show the world the progressive side of the country. Through this initiative, prominent Pakistanis have been rewarded with the likes of mountaineer Ali Sadpara, trans activist Nayab Ali, cyber security expert Rafay Baloch, ACCA Global prize winner Zara Naeem Dar, aerospace engineer Arooba Faridi, and many others.

Like previous years, the fourth season of Hamaray Heroes powered by Kingdom Valley this year is rewarding Pakistanis for their achievements. Hamaray Heroes 2023 started in Multan when gold medal-winning weightlifter Nooh Dastagir Butt appeared in the opening match in Multan. Halfway through the round-robin stage, many prominent names have received recognition. Following are the details of heroes that have appeared so far.

Nooh Dastagir Butt is a gold medalist weightlifter. He made Pakistan proud when he won the country’s first gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games as he lifted 173 kg in the snatch category and 232 kg in clean and jerk, both Commonwealth Games records, for a combined 405 kg. His career story and achievements can be found in a special documentary on PSL’s official YouTube channel:

The second hero featured is Hoor Fawad – Pakistan’s Number 01 Junior Table Tennis player. She bagged silver and bronze medals at the South Asian Junior Championship in 2022. She is the youngest member of the Pakistan national women’s team, and she is also the youngest Pakistani woman player who qualified for World Championship from the South Asian Region. Here is a special documentary on her career:

Martial Artist Irfan Mehsood appeared as the third guest. He is sixty-three times Guinness World Record holder. He is the only athlete in the world to hold the most records (30) in Guinness World Record’s push-ups category. He has been practicing martial arts and boxing since 2005. Nine of his students are also Guinness world record holders. Here is the link to the documentary on his inspiring journey:

The fourth hero featured in the campaign is Ali Khan Tareen. He is a visually impaired social entrepreneur, seasoned marketer, famous podcast host, and award holder inclusion activist. He is successfully running his food venture with his sister, who is also blind. He conducts an incredibly famous and unique activity called dining in the dark, where participants are served a meal in a dark environment. Dining in the Dark aims to sensitize people about differently-abled people. More on his journey: